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  • Don't We All

    Don't we all run in circles? Don't we all try to stand strong and up tall? Just to stumble and then fall... don't we all.


    • As Always cover
  • The Johnsons & Me

    2 brothers of different mothers and me on cajon...

    • Blinder Pʊŋkt

      Blinder Pʊŋkt are more than 1 and less than 0


      • Head of Losers Ltd (feat. Margarita Santeporco's) cover
    • looper collective from the steppes of central Asia

      Margarita Santeporco's

      looper collective casting pearls before swine

      • Bombetta Bros

        coming soon

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        • Luna

          Luna joined the K1rec team shortly after the label was founded and she takes care of all the paper-, after-, boring-, hard- and art-work.

          The great thing about Luna is than she doesn't give a f@*k

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        • Boxer cover image description



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        As AlwaysDon't We All


        A love, loss, despair and hope song, one step behind the present tense, with guitar loops recorded by Margarita Santeporco's in Losongeles.

        Don't We All write songs?

        Don't We All have to thank somebody?

        Recorded and mixed at Dirty Laundry Studios (Studio 1) Mastered by Corry Knobel © Don't We All / Know1 Records

        Lyrics of As Always

        And of course you're right... as always

        I missed another chance to stay with you tonight

        If only I knew what to say, if only what to do

        It's not my fault, lost track of time

        I heard a voice, that whispers rhymes

        In a glass or 3 of wine

        Sorry I'm late I missed the bus I missed the train... as always

        But I wrote a little something for you tonight

        Words that are true, words unheard before

        I found a napkin, borrowed pens

        I caught that voice, wrote down the rhymes

        And forgot them at the bar

        Please don't leave me or those words will have forever drifted

        So will I, if you're not by my side, I won't be going far

        Because I sail by sight and you're my polar star

        It doesn't matter where we go

        For all I care, for all I know

        We might be lost, but not alone

        Latest Releases

        • As Always cover
        • Head of Losers Ltd (feat. Margarita Santeporco's) cover